vocabulary flashcards

for delicious bookmarks

by Ed Cashin

On the initial screen ...

  1. Click the green-bordered box on the left to load the next word.
  2. Click the green-bordered box on the right to reveal its definition.

You can get started with only the above information.

To use the flashcards, you can either use my vocabulary collection or your own. To use mine, leave the username as "ecashin", leave the password blank, and leave the tag as "french-vocab" or else type in "vocab-informatique". Then follow the steps below.

With your own delicious account, you can accumulate your own vocabulary words, collecting vocabulary by reading next to a computer. Look up unknown words at wordreference.com or some other good online dictionary, creating a tagged delicious bookmark for each word you look up.

You can see the flashcards I use here: http://delicious.com/ecashin/french-vocab.

The delicious website has some bookmarklets that make it convenient to add to your delicious bookmarks, and browser plugins can make it even more convenient.

For every word you add to your delicious bookmarks, type in your chosen vocab tag and the type or copy and paste the definition into the notes box.

Then come here and type in your delicious username, password, and vocabulary tag. When you click "go" the first time, wrdf will learn how many words you have.

Your password and bookmarks are not stored on the server by wrdf, but the md5 signature that delicious reports for each word is. Later when you load a new flashcard here, the md5 can be used to retrieve a single word's bookmark.

The word loads into the left box, but the right box is blank, giving you a chance to remember the definition. By clicking the right box, you reveal the definition that you added to the notes when you created the delicious bookmark entry.

If you decide you know the word well enough to remove it from the words used for flashcards, just click the "edit delicious" link and change the tag from, e.g., "french-vocab", to something different, like, "french-vocab-learned". (You can even make a "french-vocab-hard" tag and spend more time on that set.)

A new word is chosen at random from the so-far-unseen words every time you click the left box until you've seen all the words, at which time delicious is queried to reload the ids.

Using your own set of words, built while reading material that interests you, means that you're learning much more efficiently than if you were using someone else's list. Lists made by other people will include words you know or will never need to use.

I've been enjoying this little app. It has helped me to review the vocabulary I've been accumulating. I added some CSS tuned for smaller displays, and now it's more convenient to use from an iPhone or iPod touch.

I'd like to hear from you if you use this app, whether you have trouble or not. Here is a link to contact info: http://noserose.net/e/#contact


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